209 Conversion Kit for ThunderHawk™, FireHawk™, Black Diamond™ or System 1™


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DISCONTINUED This conversion kit allows you to convert your T/C ThunderHawk™, FireHawk™, Black Diamond™ or System 1™ to 209 shotgun primer ignition. Most 209 shotgun primers burn 700° hotter than conventional No.11 percussion caps. When used in conjunction with T/C’s 209 Flame Thrower Adapter, the 209 volume of fire is increased by 3X the fire, 700° hotter, and the advantages of a self contained waterproof ignition system that the 209 shotgun primer provides is hard to beat. This is positively the most reliable ignition system developed for muzzleloading rifles to date. The conversion kit consists of a specially designed striker, striker spring, 209 Flame Thrower Adapter, and a handy 209 priming/depriming tool. Once the new striker and striker spring have been installed they may be used for any of the ignition systems from that point on. You can use musket caps, No. 11 caps and 209 primers by merely switching to the appropriate nipple (or adapter). Handy 3 packs of the 209 priming/depriming tool are also available as an accessory item. (Not for use with Encore 209x.50 Magnum). PATENTED #5,907,920 / 3X the fire / 7000 x Hotter than No.11 caps / Uses Waterproof “209" Shotgun Primers

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209 Conversion Kit Thunderhawk

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2 reviews for 209 Conversion Kit for ThunderHawk™, FireHawk™, Black Diamond™ or System 1™

  1. David Watson (verified owner)

    Did not work with my black diamond xr. Striker is too small of diameter and about 1/4 too long.

  2. Roy Yeager

    I have installed this conversion on several Firehawks. It works great. Positive ignition every time.

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