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Hawken™ Hunter Scopes Thompson/Center’s® Hawken™ Hunter scopes are offered in a selection of magnifications to meet the demands of both rifle and muzzleloading hunters. With fully coated lenses to provide maximum light gathering for those early morning or late afternoon shots. Nitrogen-filled to prevent fogging. One inch tube diameter. T/C®’ Hawken Hunter Series of Muzzleloading scopes provides an array of magnifications available. From 1X power (no magnification) up to 9X, both Eastern and Western hunters have 6 models to select from, enabling them to match the hunting conditions they may encounter. Low reflection matte black scopes with high light gathering ability Hawken Hunter scopes are matte black to reduce light reflection. Objective lenses from 32mm to 40mm are available to enhance light gathering ability.
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Technical Specifications

Objective lenses from 32mm to 40mm

Nitrogen-filled to prevent fogging

One inch tube diameter

1X power (no magnification) up to 9X

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Hawken Hunter Scopes

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Product Reviews

3 reviews for Hawken™ Hunter Scopes

  1. Jim Clark

    My TC scope provides a clear view only when held perfectly square. This means no off hand shooting. My numerous correspondence sent to TC asking for assistance have gone unanswered. I do not have this issue with any of the other ten non TC scopes that I own. Enough said.

  2. Bill Casey

    I had T/C scopes on 3 of my hunting guns.Never had a problem and have killed some deer on the run with them.Recently changed my rifle and shotgun over to another brand thinking it would be an upgrade.Found out opening day of Ma.shotgun that I was having trouble picking up a deer coming off a hill at a good clip.That new scope is coming off tonite and the T/C is going back on. Better to stay with what you know that works.Very simpl design and very deadly

  3. B. Thornton Ellis

    I have a black 3-9×40; it’s bright, sharp and maintains my adjustments very well. I started using Loctite* year’s ago on Nikon, Bushnell & other name brand scopes; not with this T/C scope and I’m surprised the scope to rifle doesn’t move at all.
    In my very humble opinion the brightness, clarity and even color is as good as it gets in this price range; I just wish the scope was a tad bit lighter, I injured my left shoulder in college some 40 years ago and it still aches while standing and aiming. Can’t have everything. The trade-off in weight is worth the quality of the lenses in the scope. There’s no eye strain, looking through the scope for long periods of time. Read and follow the manual’s suggestive Ocular lens distance to your eye. You won’t have any viewing problems as one reviewer has claimed. Over 55 years of shooting I’ve owned 3 rifles and 2 pistols; only the rifles get scopes. The scopes get replaced as I break them or they breakdown, I don’t buy the newest and latest, I purchase what I like and stick with it. I thought you all might like to know it; one of the rifles is my first and only .22 LR my father gifted me when I was a child, it’s made by Marlin and it’s still my favorite. The most intriguing unit is the pistol(s), a Colt .45 with an interchangeable .38 slide. The .45 & .38 share the same grip. I asked Colt manufacturing to special build it for me. They did a terrific job.

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