T17® In Line Muzzleloader Cleaning Kit


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Product Description

For thoroughly cleaning and conditioning your muzzleloading firearm and keeping it in top shape. T-17 products are specifically formulated to clean and protect your valuable muzzleloader. Includes: 2 oz. bottle T-17 Bore Cleaning Solvent 3/4 oz. T-17 Natural lube 1/2 oz. T-17 Breech Plug Anti-Seize Grease (20) 2 1/2in. dry cotton cleaning patches 50 cal. extended cleaning jag 50 cal. bronze bore brush Breech Thread Cleaning Brush

Notice for California consumers:

⚠ WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

Technical Specifications

T-17® Products are specially formulated for use in cleaning away fouling from Pyrodex®, Blackhorn 209® & Triple Seven®

• 2 oz. bottle T17® Bore Cleaner
• 3/4 oz. T17® Natural Lube
• ½ oz. T17® Breech Plug Anti-Seize Grease
• (20) 2 ½ ˝ Dry Cotton Cleaning Patches
• .50 cal. Extended Cleaning Jag
• .50 cal. Bronze Bore Brush
• Breech Thread Cleaning Brush

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T17® Muzzleloader Cleaning Kit

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