T/C® Maxi-Ball® Pre Lubed Bullets


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Product Description

T/C®’s Original Maxi-Ball® has been used extensively by target shooters and hunters for almost 20 years. Its reputation as an exceptionally accurate bullet (which is easily loaded in the field) is unequalled. The wide lubricating grooves allow generous amounts of lube, the key to easy and consistent loading. T/C® Maxi-Balls® are available in .50 caliber prelubed. Prelubed Maxi-Balls® are lubricated with Natural Lube 1000 Plus Bore Butter eliminating the need to wipe the bore or clean between repeated shots. T/C®’s Maxi-Ball® is the preferred bullet of experienced hunters who look for the penetration needed for large game like Elk, Moose, or Bear. Available in .50 caliber pre-lubricated.  

Technical Specifications

.50 cal 275 Grain, Qty 20

.50 cal 350 Grain, Qty 20


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T/C® Maxi-Ball Pre Lubed Bullets

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