T/C® Shockwave® Bonded Core Bullets, Super Glide™ Sabots



Product Description

A spire point projectile for muzzleloaders that will penetrate tough hide and bone with no separation of core and jacket. The bonded bullets deliver deep penetration and a destructive wound channel, no matter what the range, and with expansion that is over twice the original diameter. The bonded core and thicker jacket means this bullet will stay together when driven through the shoulders of deer, and even heavier game like elk, moose or bear. A revolution in sabot design. The Super Glide™™ is the first sabot that can be loaded easily with one hand. Space age synthetic material is used to create this easy loading sabot. The two petal design supports the bullet for optimal rotational stability and breaks away when exiting the muzzle for match grade accuracy. Four petal sabots can not match the accuracy of the Super Glide™ Sabot™. These sabots are designed to withstand the high pressures of magnum loads. Available with ShockWave®™ and Bonded ShockWave® ™ bullets.   ***RESTRICTED FROM SHIPPING TO LOCATIONS IN THE STATE OF MASSACHUSETTS AND THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA *** “SHOCK WAVE® is a registered trademark of Alliant Techsystems Inc. and is used under license.”  

Technical Specifications

Tapered jacket for controlled expansion

Polymer Tip Spire Point for excellent Ballistic Coefficient (.240 for 250 grain bullet)
Thicker copper jacket at the base to withstand magnum pressures without deforming the bullet

Available in:

.50 Cal 250 Grain/ 15 per pack.

.50 Cal 300 Grain/ 15 per pack


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T/C® Shockwave Bonded Core Bullets, Super Glide Sabots

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T/C® Shockwave Controlled Expansion Bullets, Super Glide Sabot

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Product Reviews

1 review for T/C® Shockwave® Bonded Core Bullets, Super Glide™ Sabots

  1. Ryan

    Used the T/C Shockwave 250 grain for the first time this weekend. They were very accurate when sighting in the T/C Muzzleloader. Shot a large hog and dropped it in its tracks. The exit wound was through the opposite shoulder and crushed the bone. I will use again.
    Thanks T/C

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