TC Arms is equipped to meet all of your needs. Just explore some of our amazing products below to help you with all of your firearm needs.

Thompson Center MuzzCharger Black Powder Speed Loader

Thompson Center Load and Clean Power Rod



Soft Sided Rifle Case

Compass Mag - .223 Rem, 5.56, .204 Ruger

Compass Mag – 22-250 Rem

Compass Mag – .243 Win, 6.5 Creedmoor, 7mm-08 Rem, .308 Win

Compass Mag – 270 win, 30-06 Sprg

Compass Mag – 7mm Rem Mag, 300 Win Mag (*4 ROUNDS ONLY)

T/C® Strike™ Primer Adapter Plugs for pellets

T/C® Strike™ Primer Adapter Plugs for loose powder

Composite T-Handle Starter with Brass Super Jag

Universal T Handle Loading Kit

Quick Shot® Loading Tool

Ramrod Accessory Kit

4-N-1 Quickshot®

100% Cotton Roundball Patches

Composite T-Handle Short Starter

Encore® Muzzleloader Power Rod® Ramrod

Lace On Buttstock Flex Loader™ For Muzzleloaders

Universal Power Rod® Ramrod

T/C® Palm Handle Starter

Encore® Pro Hunter™ & Omega Power Rod® with 28˝ Barrel

U-View™ Powder Flask

U-View™ Flex Loader™ Replacement Tubes- 3 Pack

Icon® Bolt Action Magazines

T/C® Dimension® & Venture™ Spare 3 Round Magazine

General Purpose Cleaning Patches

Touch Hole Bushing for Firestorm

Star 7 Capper

Power Ball Starter with Loading Tip

Rugged Ramrod for T/C® Omega- .45 & .50 Cal 28" Barrel

Rugged Ramrod Aluminum Thunderhawk™, Firehawk™, Scout™, Encore®...

Aluminum Rugged Rod RamRod for Hawken™

Flamethrower Musket Cap Nipple

Breech Plug Wrench any 7/16" plug (Encore® 209x50, Omega, Impact, Bla...

Deluxe In Line Breech Plug Wrench any 7/16" plug (Encore® 209x50, Ome...

209 Conversion Kit Thunderhawk™

PreSaturated Cleaning Patches

Hunters Choice Muzzleloading Accessory Kit

Icon® Classic Round Bolt Handle

Icon® Weather Shield® Bolt Handle

Icon® Bolt Handle Butter Knife Pattern

Icon® Single Shot Adapter 243, 308 & 30 TC®

Icon® Single Shot Adaptor 22-250

Rugged Rod Range Rod

Universal Rugged Rod

Universal Lightweight Ramrod

T17® Pro Hunter™™ Accessory Kit

Dog Bone 209 Priming Tool

T/C® Primer Caddy

Speed Breech XT® Breech Plug

Triumph® Speed Breech® XT Breech Plug

Speed Breech® 3 Breech Plug

Impact™ Breech Plug

Encore® Pro Hunter™™ Speed Breech® Breech Plug

Encore® 209x50 Encore®, Omega Breech Plug

Replacement Nipple

209 Primer Adapter for Black Diamond™™ and Woods Rifle™™

Musket Cap Nipple

Ramrod Accessory Kit

Extended Polymer Cleaning Jag

Worm Patchpuller

Deluxe Bullet Starter

Standard Bullet Starter

Flex Priming Palm Saver™

Pro Hunter™™ Bullet Puller

Rip Cord Speed Loader

U-View™ Flex Loader™

Speed Shot™ 2 Pack

Muzzleloading Ammo Tubes

Muzzle Guards

# 11 Nipple Wrench

Universal Nipple Wrench

Encore® Adjustable Hinge Pin

U-View® In-Line Capper for Musket Caps

U-View® In-Line Capper for 209 Primers

In-Line Capper For #11 Caps

209 Flex Capper™

Adjustable Black Powder Measure

T/C® Magnum Powder Measure

Hunters Black Powder Measure

Flints for Muzzleloaders

Flint Lock Touchhole Picks

Flint Lock Rifle Field Kit

Basic Flint Lock Accessory Kit

Flint Lock Pan Charger

Flint Lock Touch Hole Pick

T/C® Pro Hunter™™ Tool

Loc™ Hand Tool for Dimension®

T-Handle Short Starter & Ramrod Extension

.50 Cal Magnum QuickShot™ Value Pack

Powder Spout for Pyrodex® or Blackhorn Container

Encore® 209x50 E-Z Tip Extractor™

Field Powder Measure

U-View Powder Measure

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