TC Arms is equipped to meet all of your needs. Just explore some of our amazing products below to help you with all of your firearm needs.

Thompson Center Load and Clean Power Rod

Ramrod Accessory Kit

Encore® Muzzleloader Power Rod® Ramrod

Universal Power Rod® Ramrod

Encore® Pro Hunter™ & Omega Power Rod® with 28˝ Barrel

Rugged Ramrod for T/C® Omega- .45 & .50 Cal 28" Barrel

Rugged Ramrod Aluminum Thunderhawk™, Firehawk™, Scout™, Encore®...

Aluminum Rugged Rod RamRod for Hawken™

Rugged Rod Range Rod

Universal Rugged Rod

Universal Lightweight Ramrod

Ramrod Accessory Kit

Extended Polymer Cleaning Jag

Worm Patchpuller

Standard Bullet Starter

Flex Priming Palm Saver™

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