Our Past

In 1965, K. W. Thompson Tool was looking for a product to build and a gun designer, Warren Center, was looking for someone to build his Contender® pistol. It was a perfect match. The facilities at K. W. Thompson Tool were expanded and Thompson/Center Arms was formed. Two years later, the first Contender Pistol was shipped, starting a trend in high performance hunting handguns, which continues to grow every year. To date, over 400,000 Contender pistols have been shipped and the pistol’s reputation for versatility, accuracy and dependability goes unchallenged among serious handgun shooters.

Since the production of the initial Contender Pistol, the company has expanded its facilities and product line numerous times. In 1970, Thompson/Center entered the Black Powder market with the introduction of their first muzzleloading rifle, the Hawken. Muzzleloading interest at the time was minimal and the market needed a quality rifle, which could not only be shot but could be purchased at a reasonable price. Original or antique rifles were selling for high prices and most collectors opted not to fire these pieces. The T/C Hawken™ was the first of many muzzleloader types for Thompson/Center.

Our Future

Thompson/Center now offers four different styles of modern in-line muzzleloaders. The Omega™ has a sealed pivoting breech design. The Encore 209×50 Magnum is the most versatile and popular muzzleloader available on the market today. ‘The Encore Endeavor which comes with T/C’s Speed Breech XT and the Triumph, T/C’s new magnum muzzleloader.

An extensive array of black powder accessories are available for purchase to compliment T/C’s muzzleloading product line. Our entire product line is built with one thing in mind — quality. Thompson/Center guns are built by New Englanders, who take pride in building a sturdy product and selling it at a fair price. In addition, Thompson/Center stands behind each gun with their famous Lifetime Warranty.

We’re as passionate about firearms as the thousands of hunting and shooting enthusiasts we serve and support. Since 1967, Thompson/Center Arms has been synonymous with firearms that stand up in the toughest situations and perform when it counts. With features like interchangeable barrels, 5R rifling and uncompromised quality and design, Thompson/Center is the brand that delivers value and reliability you won’t find anywhere else Perhaps that’s why today’s top hunters rely on T/C.

Thompson/Center Arms is proud to offer American-made quality while backing it up with knowledgeable support and a lifetime warranty. We know that missed moments can’t be refunded and there is no replacement value for the trophy that got away. We know that there are only so many shots of a lifetime out there, and we’re ready for each one.