Interchangable Dimension® LOC™ Barrels, Blued


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Interchangeable Dimension® LOC™ Barrels. Barrels fit all stocks and receivers, right-or-left hand. Barrels come packaged with the correct magazine group (magazine and housing). Barrels are stamped with Series letters: A, B, C or D to help you easily identify the correct magazine group (magazine and housing) and bolt required. Interchangeable Dimension LOC Barrels

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Interchangable Dimension® LOC Barrels, Blued - Barrel Only

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Interchangable Dimension® LOC Barrels, Blued

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6 reviews for Interchangable Dimension® LOC™ Barrels, Blued

  1. Cliff McKee

    I have owned many different types of rifles over the years…Winchester 70, Remington 700, Tikka M695, Thompson Center Encore (with three different barrels), Remington 783, Ruger American, and a few others. I still have a couple of them and passed some of them on to my adult children. Once I bought this Dimension and shot the 270 Winchester round through it, I sold the Tikka to buy additional barrels and a scope. The 270 Win shoots very accurate in this rifle. Here in Idaho the weather and rugged terrain can play havoc on rifles and hunting equipment. I got a deer with it this last year. It performed great. The 270 barrel has been changed out with a 223 barrel and the change was very simple. It didn’t take a genius to do the change. I haven’t shot the additional barrels yet, but when I do, I will write a review on them as well. So far, I have been very impressed with T/C products and this one did not disappoint me. The stock may not be the best looking, but it is the most comfortable stock I have ever put to my shoulder.

  2. Cliff McKee

    Hello again…since my last review of the Dimension (the 270 Win. barrel) I have added the 223 barrel and shot it. It is amazing! With cheap ammo (the $7.00 a box stuff) it almost shot one ragged hole at 100 yards. I can hardly wait to see what it does with the ammo that costs a little more or even hand loads. I have now ordered the 30-06 barrel and will add a review of that as well. I just hope that anybody looking for a rifle that has multiple functions, seriously looks at the Dimension. Changing barrels only takes a few minutes; and a man can only shoot one gun at a time.

  3. Vern Ryan

    I bought the Dimension in the 308. Used three rounds to zero it in and have been able to hit targets at 800 yards easily. This rifle is comfortable to shoot and is very accurate.

  4. Cliff McKee

    Hello once again…sorry if y’all are tired of my postings. But, I just love this rifle!!! The 30-06 barrel was added to my barrel collection. The recipe that I used for this round has always performed very well in every 30-06 I’ve owned. I didn’t change out the scope or get the bridges that can be bought, I just sighted it in with a few minor adjustments to my Vortex Diamondback; the 30-06 was making one ragged hole 100 meters. The next day I placed a milk jug filled with water at 400 meters and let ‘er rip. Milk jug was blown to bits, first shot, cold barrel and all. I am just so happy with this rifle. I am still wondering which barrel should be next…7mm-08, 243, or 6.5 Creedmore (love it that TC is adding even more barrels to the mix!). Can hardly wait to see if heavy barrels start coming out; it seems that the free-float channel in the stock could handle them. Very Happy Customer!

  5. Bryan Ness

    Cliff, who needs a bull barrel when it shoots like that. I’ll take that performance minus the weight any day. Anyways, I love your enthusiasm, and now you’ve got me fired up to set up my dimension (with 3 barrels that have never been shot). When I finally run the kids off, I hope to be shooting more just like you. Thanks for your honest reviews. Happy Hunting!

  6. john little

    one of the best shooting and most accurate rifles i have ever owned. the ability to change calibers with a simple change of bolt and barrel give this rifle a corner of the market versatility. a very awesome rifle. i am about to buy another.

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